82 Percent Of Americans Now Believe That They Have ‘Achieved’ Or Are ‘On Their Way To Achieving’…

82 Percent Of Americans Now Believe That They Have ‘Achieved’ Or Are ‘On Their Way To Achieving’…

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There are many indisputable facts about America, many will go out of their way to call it the land of opportunity.

Point is, to reach your goals you have to work hard and stay focused, that doesn’t mean it’s easy but it means every goal is achievable.

But many don’t get this point, two of these “many” that we can point out are the mainstream media that continue to have a negative then positive narrative about events, and the liberals that think having rights to do something and giving financial and material aid are the best options.

The Washington Examiner gives us a few signs that things are starting to pick up by telling us that many Americans have said that they have reached their goal or are on their way to achieve it, only about 17% say that their goal is ‘out of reach’.

This also links up with other results from other sources that talk about the recovered economy and wealth of jobs in America. This change is pretty big, seeing it happened in a span of three years and also will have Democrats fearing of such changes.

Plus on the bright side, facts like these will bring even more wealth and success to the people.

A research done by Pew shows that whites (41%) are more likely to say that they have achieved their dream than blacks (17%) and Hispanics (32%). But on the other hand more blacks and Hispanics say they are on their way of achieving their goal than whites.

But the liberals talk about the big differences for people with different skin color. Of course, they do, but that’s just more rumors so the people are silenced when politicians are being elected.

There are encouraging signs that the days of establishment types are smaller and smaller in Washington. Even though there’s much to do there, these are steps to a bigger change in the country.

If America keeps working hard and reaching for THEIR goals, not will only many of these problems be fixed, it wouldn’t even be doubted as the land of opportunity.


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