After Criticizing Trump, Hollywood Is Reaching Rock Bottom: ‘Middle America Is Killing Us, Our Ratings Are Down…’

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Hollywood has received a huge strike by Middle America. The entire movie industry from Hollywood faced serious issues with huge number of American citizens. They’ve received a boycott, maybe even bigger than the NFL…
If American individuals can concur on one thing is we as a whole work excessively. We as a whole work too hard for too less cash.
What’s more, when we decide to spend cash on entertainment that last thing we need to hear is someone that we spend our money for is going against our President, in fact against entire nation!
Hollywood is just overlooking the general population, lecturing the liberal choir, influencing themselves to feel important. Well after tirelessly bashing Trump almost every single movie lately is completely unsuccessful.
Seriously folks, Hollywood is getting down, and like Kathy Griffin, is going abroad to recover their ventures and most aren’t even doing that.
Summer movies that were expected to hit the top like “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales,” “Baywatch” and “Snached” got smashed locally and scarcely got watched abroad.
Tom Cruise had another motion picture out called “American Made,” and it failed just too badly. “Blade Runner 2049” was expected be a hit but it failed miserably as well…
The (AMC) theater ticket deals are down for about 25% than earlier… Grand Entertainment (RGC) announced to Wall Street that it would miss profit and saw a colossal drop in share cost. (IMAX) declared it was cutting very nearly 15% of its workers.
Ouch. Share this in the event that you agree that Hollywood needs to clean up their rubbish before it gets too late!


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