After FL Rep. Refuses to Apologize to Trump, Kellyanne LEAKS Her WORST Nightmare

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The liberal media is abuzz this week after Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) accused President Trump of making insensitive remarks to the widow of one of the four soldiers tragically killed in a training mission earlier this month.

Wilson alleges that Trump told the woman her husband “knew what he signed up for” during the call.

This is a deliberate attempt to make President Trump look bad by giving the media these remarks out of context to make them seem insensitive. This woman only cares about herself and her own political agenda. She is another selfish democrat!

White House advisor Kellyanne Conway spoke to Fox News on Thursday and set the record straight for the public.

Conway said that the remarks said by Trump were taken way out of context by the Congresswoman and the liberal media.

“It’s just the haters being presumptively negative, as they always are. But you know what’s tragic? That family just suffered a loss … and yet it gets immediately politicized because people of privilege think they can score cheap political points against the president. That’s what we do find to be most disgraceful.”

BOOM! That’s EXACTLY what this rude Congresswoman needed to hear! She has uses a heartbreaking event to further her corrupt political agenda. DISGUSTING!

Conway reiterated that President Trump followed all protocols for these types of phone calls and that he often is emotionally moved to speak to them off-script.

“Sometimes you call, sometimes you write, sometimes you go in, you receive the fallen soldier in a casket with an American flag draped on it  … the American flag is there for a good reason.”

These liberals will stoop to all-time lows if it means scoring cheap points against President Trump and this is just one more example of the hatred that he is up against in this country.

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