After LA Times Reporter Insults Sarah Sanders, He Gets Publicly SHAMED by Her Mom

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Last week, Los Angeles Times columnist David Horsey wrote an opinion piece about Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

In it, he took a cheap shot at Huckabee’s appearance, calling her a “chunky soccer mom” as if that has anything to do with her effectiveness as a very successful White House Press Secretary.

Horsey couldn’t fathom why President Trump, who Horsey says usually only surrounds himself with beautiful women, would want to hire her. Clearly he has missed her press briefings where she completely destroys liberal reporters on a daily basis.

Sarah Huckabee’s mom, someone who usually stays out of the spotlight was angry enough to call Horsey out on his trashy column. Horsey must have felt like a fool!

“She was mad, but she was good about it.”

Horsey sent a personal email to Mrs. Huckabee and apologized for his column. He also issued a broader apology via the column late last week.

Sarah Huckabee is an excellent press secretary and that is why President Trump wanted her in that position. Despite liberals claiming he doesn’t hire women into high-level positions, Trump has MANY women in those positions and liberals refuse to acknowledge it.

Let’s SHARE this everywhere on social media and tell Sarah Huckabee she is doing a WONDERFUL job!


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