During President Trump’s Speech Melania Turned to Him and Did the UNEXPECTED! [VIDEO]

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Melania Warsaw

President Trump and Melania were in Poland yesterday ahead of the G-20 meeting that is taking place today. There was a large crowd gathered to watch the President speak as Trump, Melania joined the President of Poland, Andrej Duda and his wife on stage.

Melania Warsaw

The leaders and their wives stood and listened to the military band play while wreaths were brought on stage. Each leader went to a different wreath and payed his respects.

It was what First Lady Melania did next that had the crowd freaking out, watch below:

Just before handing over the microphone and podium, Melania Trump turns to her husband and embraces him, ending the hug with a kiss before he steps in front of the podium. During this time you can hear the crowd chanting “USA! USA!” This is such an incredible moment!

What an amazing display of love and respect for her husband!

Can we get 10,000 shares for our President and First Lady!??


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