Embarassing Pictures The Trumps Don’t Want You To See

Embarassing Pictures The Trumps Don’t Want You To See

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Embarassing Pictures The Trumps Don’t Want You To See

Donald Trump is “bigly” known for making outrageous statements about a wide range of topics, but what many people don’t know is that he’s also known for taking outrageous pictures. Below are some of the pictures Donald Trump has been trying hard to hide. However, we managed to get them just for you.

You won’t believe #3. We couldn’t believe the president did that!


How NOT To Hug Your Daughter


It’s no secret that daughter Ivanka is Donald’s favorite among his five children from his three different wives. However, is this a healthy father-daughter relationship?

Some of their photos together — coupled with the many inappropriate remarks he’s gone on record for making about her appearance — definitely kick the “ewwww” factor up to the next level. Like, for example, that time he said his daughter has a “nice figure,” which he inexplicably followed up with, “I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.” Let me think for a sec…Yup, that’s officially waaaayyyy too far across the line.

More Father Daughterly Love…

It’s good for a father to show affection to his child and this picture wouldn’t have been a big deal if Trump hadn’t said that he’d date his own daughter. Perhaps as Trump’s wives aged (because he’s on his third now) he ha to look for some younger love from his own daughter.

Daddy’s Little…um…Lover?



Next up in the cavalcade of Things You Can’t Unsee is this uncomfortable set of photos that feature a teenaged Ivanka sitting directly in her father’s lap, snuggling closely up to him with “bedroom eyes” and even caressing his face, while he holds her around the hips. Why in the world does this daddy-daughter pic look like a photo shoot for a wedding engagement announcement?

This is a good time to remind everyone that 1) these two people are related by blood; and 2) Donald is a full 36 years older than his daughter. How could anyone ever have thought these poses were appropriate?

He Can’t Help But Kiss ‘Emgettyimages-3470309-1-compressed

This photo shows Donald’s two favorite women — his daughter and his wife — on either side of him. At this point in the slideshow, you won’t be at all surprised which one he’s trying to kiss….

Again, we have so many questions. Why is he holding Ivanka closer to his side than his wife Melania? What does Melania think about this bizarre relationship? And why, oh, why, is Ivanka’s dress so thin we can all see her right nipple? Excuse us while we go look at pictures of puppies to try to get this image out of our brains.


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