Father of NYC Terror Attack Victim Speaks Out, Sends a Brutal Message to Trump Haters

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Liberals found almost any excuse in the books to conceal the guilt of having an immigrant kill eight people in New York City while leaving over fifteen wounded. Their first thought was to naturally blame President Trump, but the scheme was quickly buried as the father of one of the terror attack victims gave Trump haters a piece of his mind.

The attacker, Sayfullo Saipov, 29, used a Home Depot truck to slam into a crowd of people in a bike lane in NYC. The attack resulted in eight deaths. It was later uncovered Saipov had come to America on a ‘diversity visa, all the way from Uzbekistan, a country that is not known for being friendly towards America. Many stated that Saipov’s religious background was the initial motif of the attack, but liberals persisted that Trump was the one to blame. They also noted the President had always been a racist and Islamophobe. Yeah, haven’t we heard that one already?

The media were quick to express concern about the criticism Muslim communities would receive as a result of the attack. However, James Drake, whose son, 32-year-old Darren Drake, who killed in the attack, had an interview with Fox News, in which he made sure to speak on the real issue in this case.
He began talking of Saipov and noted that “vetting should be a lot more difficult” for the migrants and refugees who come to America.
“These people, they come to the country and they hurt us. I mean, what’d they expect. Of course, there’s a war going on between American and ISIS al-Qaeda. Of course, there’s a war going on. I just think that vetting should be a lot more difficult to allow these people who come into the country, especially a single man. I understand he was married living in Paterson but I think that when he came in, he came in as one person.”
He was then asked what he expects from the trial altogether:

“He should spend the rest of his life in solitary. That’s exactly the way I feel. Don’t let him get communication with anybody,” James said.

James carried on pointing out he has Assyrian neighbors, whom he respects a great deal. However, he’s not on board with having anyone come to America as easy.

“You get these radicals, and my son is the victim,” he concluded, lamenting that he must now “live with” the loss of his son.

As far as his son is concerned, James referred to him as a “miracle,” stating he and his wife had been trying to conceive for almost ten years.

“That really was a miracle because we tried for almost 12 years to have a baby and then, finally, we had one pregnancy — it didn’t work out,” James said. “Then Darren was born and his birthday was November 18. It was just so beautiful that his mother and I came home from the hospital with him on Thanksgiving Day. It doesn’t really get a lot more beautiful than that.”

His son, who was a Boy Scout, a high school football player, and was given a degree from Rutgers, did not deserve this faith. After hearing about the attack, James tried calling his son, but couldn’t reach him.

“My wife and I had gone for a ride and we put on the radio and we heard that there was an incident down by the World Trade Center where my son worked,” James said. “We just said, ‘No, no, no.’ It would have to be too coincidental that our son would be there at that precise time… We just realized as the longer the night went on, he wasn’t coming home anymore.”

Darren was one of the people hit by Saipov’s vehicle, with no chances of survival.

James made sure to express gratitude for the first responders on site, noting “they were all aces.”

As far as the “Diversity Visa Lottery Program” is concerned, Trump wanted to rebuke it as soon as possible after entering the White House, but given the fact that liberals made this plan a living hell for him, it was difficult to put the theory into practice.

“The terrorist came into our country through what is called the ‘Diversity Visa Lottery Program,’ a Chuck Schumer beauty. I want merit-based,” Trump tweeted, talking of the Senate Democratic leader who stood behind this operation. Trump then posted a second tweet, stating, “We are fighting hard for Merit-Based immigration, no more Democrat Lottery Systems. We must get MUCH tougher (and smarter).”

Liberals will never come to terms that their failing policies are bringing America closer to destruction it will never recover from. It’s either that or they seem careless about any of it, meaning it kind of works to their advantage to have aggressive radicals all over the country, ready to strike at any given moment. Hey, as far as Democrats are concerned, this is nothing we haven’t heard before.



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