Melania Steps in Auditorium and Gets an INCREDIBLE Surprise from Japanese Schoolchildren

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As President Trump and Melania embark on their whirlwind trip of 12 days traveling around five different Asian countries, Melania broke off from her husband for an afternoon to visit some very special schoolchildren.

Melania stopped at the school in Tokyo for a brief visit and to wave to the children but the children had an incredible surprise waiting for her.

As Melania entered the room with Akie Abe, the wife of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the children began to sing her a song.

After the first song, Melania was delighted to hear them sing again. She was told that the song is about the Japanese peoples’ love and solidarity with America.

Melania was overjoyed at the special songs and the children were delighted to meet her and briefly pose for pictures with her.

Watch the brief video below and hear the incredible song for Melania! Let’s SHARE this everywhere so the liberals in this country see how they need to act toward our First Lady!


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