Men Murder 5 Year Old In Milwaukee – Press And BLM Don’t Care – No National Outrage

Men Murder 5 Year Old In Milwaukee – Press And BLM Don’t Care – No National Outrage

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Laylah Peterson was only five years old when she was fatally shot by two black men, yet despite her age, you will never see Black Lives Matter protesting her death.

The group went absolutely crazy over the death of Sylville Smith, a 24-year-old black man, in possession of a stolen firearm, who refused to cooperate with police instructions, and with a long string of criminal convictions.

That is the kind of martyr that Black Lives Matter holds up for their cause.

Little Laylah was just sitting on her grandfather’s lap on the couch when two black men approached their Milwaukee home, and fired twelve shots into the residence, striking the girl in the head.

Paul Farr, 24, Carl Barrett, 20, and Arlis Gordon, 23, were arrested in connection with the murder of the five-year-old, yet there have been no Black Lives Matter marches in the streets, condemning the violence coming from some within the black communities.

Apparently, it only counts when it’s a police involved shooting.

As emphatic and determined as Race Ambassador Al Sharpton is in defending criminals, like Michael Brown, it is incredible that he will not lift a finger to offer condolences in the case of little Layla Peterson.

She was just five years old, so the media does not need to go back to childhood photos of the victim to make her appear innocent-looking, as they had done with the Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin shootings.

She did not assault a convenient store clerk, steal cigars, and assault a police officer, as Brown did, so there is no need for Al Sharpton to defend a criminal’s actions with, “There’s a difference between robbin’ and shopliftin.”

Instead, Sharpton is silent on the issue, and Black Lives Matter is silent on the issue as well.

The question is whether or not they are just not aware of the killing, or if they silent because the killers were black, and that doesn’t fit the narrative being pushed.


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