Muslims Start Praising Allah On Airplane But Didn’t Realize Who Flight Attendant Really Was Until It Was Too Late

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Chanting about “Allah” is not the wisest thing you can do on a plane.

Especially when you are looking suspicious from head to toe and you are playing on your cell phone.

A Muslim couple from Ohio did everything I mentioned above and they were surprised when they got escorted off an airplane.

And they had the guts after everything they did to argue they were discriminated. Absolutely ridiculous! A highly trained flight attendant immediately saw that everybody around the couple is very skeptical of the couple’s awkward behavior that made them scared to death. For the sake of everybody that was on the plane, the flight attendant quickly went in the pilot cockpit and urged the pilot to remove the Muslim couple from the plane.

That type of behavior is not normal in any kind of vehicle. People will be scared and it’s normal to panic. Making people around you feel uncomfortable will get you kicked out without a doubt. It doesn’t matter that the couple was Muslim, even a Christian couple will get the same treatment if they have a shady behavior. The Delta flight attendant saw the couple is texting in secret. On top of that, the couple started sweating profusely.

Being sweaty while every other passenger is cool, calm and collected is a sign that you are up to something bad. Physical appearance can expose a lot of things going in your head, we all know this for a fact. It’s not normal to sweat profusely in a completely comfortable environment and the flight attendant did the right thing.

They messed up big time and they should accept the fact that they were escorted out for a reason. They were acting shady, looking like a terrorist threat and they made every single passenger feel insecure. Watch the video footage down below and see how everything played out!

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