Obama Just arrived In Indonesia And The Entire World Noticed The Disgusting Thing He Brought With Him

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The Obama family is doing it again. They are continuing their tour of luxury financed at the expense of US Taxpayers money without a single care in the world.

This man needs to have his travel privileges removed.

For those who are thinking that he is free to spend his annual retirement money as he sees fit, that’s not quite right. Presidents get an extra million dollars for travel expenses should they need it, on top of their basic pension. Not to mention the associated cost of flying the secret service all over the world following him.

Let’s not forget this man entered the white house a broke man. Back then his network was well under a million. Now he is bordering the 15 million dollars, and on top of that, he might be costing the American Tax Payers as much as 3 million dollars per year.

No other American President has increased their networth so dramatically during their presidency as Obama. He is also one of the biggest expenses in terms of former presidents. Before he left the office, he created a number of measures in order to increase the amount of money available to the president if he were to need it.

This means that if he decides to settle down in a house and write his memories he would be entitled to $ 200,000 per year. However if were to require it, Obama could have the US pay for staff, cyber costs, travel expenses and travel security expenses. All of which he is doing, costing the American taxpayers over 10 times more than anticipated.

A lot of American Presidents have traveled the world as spokesmen, and they have made good money off it. The only difference is that they use their own money to cover the expenses and do not rely on the United States to foot the bill for them.

The Obama family is traveling on Private Jets and staying on expensive villas left and right. Now in Indonesia, he is staying at a $2,500 / day Villa while in France he stayed at a $10,000 / day one. Those costs are negligible compared to the increased cost of the private jet that he is using for ALL his travels so far.

Thankfully Trump has said multiple times that he plans to address the issue with Obama travel expenses and he will do so soon. This man deserves to learn he can no longer rip off the American people.

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