Trump and Melania STUNNED When They Get Out of the Car in S. Korea to Huge Surprise

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On Tuesday, President Trump and First Lady Melania arrived to South Korea, their second stop in the President’s Asia tour this month. Upon arriving, they were stunned to see the many surprises that South Korea had arranged to honor their presence.

First, South Korean President Moon Jae-in met Trump and Melania at Camp Humphrey’s (a US military base just south of Seoul) right when they got off Air Force One. This is an honor that no other previous US Presidents have been graced with.

When Trump and Melania arrived at the presidential Blue House, they got out of their car and were stunned to see what was awaiting their arrival.

A huge crowd of South Korean school children lined the main steps. They were screaming and cheering for Trump and for America. If you look closely, you’ll see that they all were waiving flags of both America and South Korea. They know that Trump is here to negotiate and work together with them to keep the world safe from the threats of North Korea.

As the children cheer, a band starts to play right when Trump steps out of the car. He and Melania cannot stop smiling at the warm welcome they have received from the people of South Korea. Clearly this is a country that wants to work with our great President.

Keep Trump and Melania in your prayers as they continue their Asian tour!

Trump in South Korea and China: Itinerary and photos

The Trumps at the Forbidden City in Beijing, China. Photo: Andrew Harnik / AP

President Trump kicked off the day in South Korea, attempting to make a surprise visit to the DMZ overlooking North Korea, which was turned back due to weather. He then gave a speech to South Korea’s National Assembly before departing for Beijing. On the ground in China — the third country of his five-country trip — Trump met Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Forbidden City, where they took in a traditional Chinese opera before dinner.

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Wednesday kicked off with an attempted visit to the DMZ, the heavily fortified military zone between North Korea and South Korea, that was halted due to bad weather. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders kept the press pool informed as they waited:

Reporters look at the sky as they await word from Press Secretary Sarah Sanders on a potential visit to the DMZ. Photo: Andrew Harnik / APAfter a no-go on the DMZ, Trump headed to the National Assembly in Seoul, where he told South Korean lawmakers that peace with North Korea was possible — but only if the regime gave up its nuclear ambitions:

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump meet with South Korean lawmakers on the floor of the National Assembly. Photo: Andrew Harnik / APThe Trumps then took part in a wreath laying at Seoul National Cemetery, which is reserved for South Korean veterans:

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump at Seoul National Cemetery. Photo: Andrew Harnik / APThe president then departed South Korea for Beijing, China:

President Trump heads from Marine One to Air Force One before departing Osan Air Base in South Korea. Photo: Andrew Harnik / APAir Force One then made its way to Beijing, where Trump was welcomed by an extensive entourage:

President Trump greets a crowd upon arriving in Beijing. Photo: Andrew Harnik / APThe Trumps headed to the Forbidden Palace, the Chinese imperial palace site home to multiple dynasties over hundreds of years, where they were greeted by Chinese President Xi Jinping:

The Trumps and Chinese President Xi Jinping walk toward the Forbidden City. Photo: Andrew Harnik / APThe Trumps and Xis then took in a traditional Chinese opera performance at the Forbidden City:

President Trump greets performers following a Chinese opera at the Forbidden 


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