Trump Gasps After Seeing What PATRIOTIC Costumes His Grandchildren Chose for Halloween

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One of President Trump’s favorite holidays is Halloween where he delights in seeing the costumes that children don to go trick or treating on All Hallows Eve.

Just last week, Trump hosted several children at the White House for a special trick or treat event where he gladly handed out candy to little witches and goblins.

Trump was also excited to see what his own grandchildren will wear as costumes and this year they definitely did not disappoint him!

Two of his grandchildren, son and daughter of Donald Trump Jr. and his wife Vanessa, brought a big smile to Trump’s face as soon as he saw them.

Daughter Chloe, who is three, dressed up as a police officer with an official hat and badge. Sons Tristan and Spencer, six and five, donned camouflage army costumes. All three children saluted the camera with excitement.

Trump Jr. posted the photos on Instagram late last week with the caption:

“Kids have their costumes ready. So cute and it’s nice to see they respect law enforcement and the military already. See how easy that is?!?! #halloween #costume#kids

It’s so nice to have a family that respects our military and police officers leading our country. Are you proud of our military and police heroes? Let us know in the Facebook comments!


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