Trump Just Had the Most ADORABLE Moment With White House Trick-or-Treaters

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On Friday afternoon, President Trump invited the children of the press corps into the Oval Office for a special Halloween treat. They all came in their Halloween costumes and got to meet the President who also gave them candy.


While the kids all gathered around Trump’s desk, he had some absolutely hilarious conversations with them. Remember, these are the children of the press who has been consistently attacking Trump day and night.

At one point, Trump leaned over to a group of children and asked, “So how does the press treat you?” The others in the room laugh at this comment as Trump goes on to say, “I bet you get treated better by the press than anybody in the world, right?”

The entire meeting is adorable and a true testament to the kind heart of our President. He loves children and is always happy to go out of his way to do something special for others.

Watch the video below and wish Trump a Happy Halloween!


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