Trump’s Jaw Dropped When He Saw What Gift the Japanese Prime Minister Had Waiting For Him

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President Trump and First Lady Melania landed in Japan today to begin their eight-day, five-country trip through Asia, with stops including China, South Korea, and Vietnam.

Trump’s first stop was to speak to U.S. military members at Yokota Air Base in Japan, where he was greeted with raucous cheers and fanfare.

Next, they met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to discuss the strong relations between these two countries. Trump was absolutely shocked at the surprise Mr. Abe had for him.

Abe had customized hats made to show the world how strong our countries are together. They read:


World leaders know that President Trump is a business man and businessmen make trade deals that benefit their country. Abe realizes this and knows that by giving America a good trade deal, Japan will be strengthened as a result!

The two men signed several of the hats and showed them off to the cameras. Watch the video below and SHARE with your friends if you think President Trump is an EXPERT negotiator!

Go Trump Go!


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